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Plein Air

(Oil on Canvas)

Cuba Fountain.jpg
Jupiter Beach Park Palm Tree By Lagoon.j
Lowell Flat River.jpg
Dryer's Park Landscape.jpg
Cuba Fountain 16 x 20
Jupiter Park Palm Tree 9 x 12
Lowell Flat River 11 x 14
Dryer's Park Landscape 16 x 20
Banyan at Stuart Park.jpg
Banyan at Stuart Park 14 x 11
River Bend Morning.jpg
Riverbend Morning 19 x 12
Lily Pads.jpg
Lily Pads 12 x 16
Riverbend Wrong Way Drive.jpg
Riverbend Wrong Way Drive 26 x 12 $1200
The Walk Home.jpg
Jupiter Beach Park.jpg
Jupiter Beach Park 16 x 20
On the Way to Georges.jpg
On the Way to George's 18 x 24
The Walk Home 18 x 24
Oil on Panel
GRASSY WATERS 8x10 Oil on Panel $550 .jpeg
Grassy Waters 8x10 $550
BEE'S COMING HOME 12x16 Oil on Panel $1200.jpg
Bees Coming Home 12 x16 $1200
FOGGY MORNING RIVERBEND 14x11 Oil on Panel $950.jpeg
DELRAY BEACH PALM TREE 9X12 Oil on Panel $650.jpeg
GRASSY WATERS 14X11 Oil on Panel $950.jpg
JONATHAN DICKENSON STATE PARK 14X11 Oil on Panel $950.jpeg
Delray Beach Palm Tree 9x12 $650
Foggy Morning Riverbend 14x11 $950
Jonathan Dickinson State Park 14x11 $950
Grassy Waters 14x11 $950
Morning Sunrise_Lake Worth Road Oil on Panel 14x11 $950.jpg
LOWELL FARM YARD 10x8 Oil On Panel $550.jpeg
TUCSON _ IN THE SHADE 12x9 Oil on Panel $650.jpeg
PATH IN STONYBROOK 12x9 Oil on Panel $650.jpeg
Lowell Farm Yard 10x8 $550
Tucson in the Shade 12x9 $650
Morning Sunrise Lake
Worth Rd. 14x11 $950
Path in Stonybrook 12x9 $650
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