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Introduction to

Advanced Drawing:

12 Easy Steps to Mastery

with Ted Matz


Saturday, November 4

& November 11, 2023

9:30am – 3:30pm.

2-week series



This course is designed for students with some drawing experience that have a desire to take themselves to the next level of learning and expertise in drawing and image making.


The goal is to develop the student’s experiences and visual perceptions of the world in a very different and profound way. 


What you will learn: 


Discover techniques to improve visualization and perceptual skills, utilizing exercises that will train the eye to capture the essential information of the composition. 


Perfect observational skills to see where form exists and where it does not.


Learn to focus on perceptual development and experimentation rather than defining style.



Learn new skills...

Understanding mood, ambiance, and theme

Effective contrast of soft and hard edges

Negative Space concentration


New visualization methods

Positive and negative spatial relationships

Compressed value ranges

Become skilled in...

Developing and handling of strong visual structures

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